2017 June Loot

Plastic Models
HGBF Petit’GGuy SurfacerGray with Placard

PSO2 Fashion Catalog 2012-2015
Devil Survivor (vol 5-8)
Claymore (vol 6-8)

Falling Roses X Crimson Quartet (ShinganCrimsonZ)

Rabidango (Dango Rabbit plush)
Fushimi Inari Fox keychain
Fushimi Inari red gate placard
Tenryuji dragon placard
Cat Hatsune Miku plush
Granrodeo Roger plush
FGO Gudaguda Schathach keychain
Haro Tin: Takoyaki version
Rilakkuma terranium
Rilakkuma dust box (mini trashcan)


2017 May Wrap-up

The first week of May was Golden Week. I spent the first day out in Harajuku, which was surprisingly empty in comparison to what I’ve seen during my other visits there. Taking the week as more of relaxation from the hectic-ness in April than a time for sightseeing, I went to my favorite spots (parts of Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro, Akihabara) and bought a few things for myself.

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Second Trip to Akihabara


Following the arrival of Flawless was another planned trip to Akihabara. We met up in front of the Gundam Cafe around noon, thinking we would go in to grab something to eat, but the cafe was full when we got there. Not wanting to wait in line, we hurried to Yodobashi Camera, where Flawless picked up the new Gundam Barbatos kit. I’ve seen pictures of the building before, but seeing the building in person was a huge surprise. Unlike the ones I’ve seen in Shinjuku and Ueno, this Yodobashi was ginormous, and even more so inside the building.

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