2017 March wrap-up

Nothing noteworthy to mention this month.

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文化祭 – School Cultural Festival


Today is my school’s cultural festival. Arriving at school early in the morning, the teachers gave me a few pointers on which areas to visit. Because the third year students normally want to sell out of food before noon, a few teachers told me to go there as soon as possible.

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Trip to Tokyo University

August 09, 2016

Since Tokyo University is close to where I’m staying, my host decided to bring me there today and take a look around. It is currently Summer vacation for the students, but the campus remains busy, serving as a tourist spot for the public. Arriving at the front gate, we were soon greeted by volunteers(?) handing out pamphlets explaining the various sites on campus and showcases of students’ research. prett

東大正門 Tokyo University’s Front Gate

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Trip to Tokyo Tower and Ikebukuro

August 08, 2016

Today, my homestay and I took the metro to Kamiya to see the Tokyo tower. I’ve seen the tower many times in anime, manga, games, etc., so I knew what to expect when I get there. It’s just a tower, nothing to get overly excited about, right?

Wrong. The second we left the station and got out, we were able to see the giant tower peeking through the buildings. Even though I prepared myself mentally for this sight, I couldn’t help becoming as eager as a child when I saw the famous tower so close to me!

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June 31st – Flight, Check-in, and Exploration

After landing in Narita airport at 2:10 pm, the long waiting game begins at immigration and customs. After spending roughly an hour and a half waiting for my residence card and dragging my luggage through humid August weather to a charter bus, the ACed car was heaven.

The side of the road along the highway to Shinjuku is green, much unlike California. As I stared out the window at giant rice fields and small ponds, someone yelled out, “I see the Sky Tree!” and everyone (including myself) immediately turned to face that direction. It looked ominous hiding among the clouds, similar to a ghost tower. After while later, we spotted two rainbows among the clouds. Nothing felt real.

Rainbow spotted on the way to Shinjuku

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