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September 2017 Wrap-up and Goods

Classes resumed and everything was off to a slow start. Even though nothing seemed different from the previous term, I couldn’t help but think about how different everything felt since last year when I entered my first class. I’m not sure how much I’ve improved over the year, but slowly, I’m getting better at what I’m supposed to do.

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2017 August Wrap-up and Goods

A year has passed since I landed in Japan. There were many positive as well as negative things that happened throughout the year. The negative side were things such as conflict at school, language barrier, and, the worst, mosquitoes. On the positive side were things such as learning new things, playing new games, having small-talk with the teachers and students, and, the best, experiencing a society completely different than what I was used to. Living alone in a foreign country is frustrating, but in the end, I had a lot of fun and the “downs” throughout the year felt insignificant.

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2017 July Wrap-up

Expecting this month to be quieter as I wait for S’s visit, I ended up doing more than anticipated. The start of July was rather quiet; still recuperating from June, I relaxed in my apartment during the weekends as the school term comes to an end. After the students’ finals, the classes focused more on review and filler activities. I created “jeopardy” (doesn’t really follow the rules of Jeopardy, tho) for students to play in the second and third year classes where they have to translate Japanese sentences into English. Although the content wasn’t very interesting, the students seemed to have fun with it.

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