2017 July Wrap-up

Expecting this month to be quieter as I wait for S’s visit, I ended up doing more than anticipated. The start of July was rather quiet; still recuperating from June, I relaxed in my apartment during the weekends as the school term comes to an end. After the students’ finals, the classes focused more on review and filler activities. I created “jeopardy” (doesn’t really follow the rules of Jeopardy, tho) for students to play in the second and third year classes where they have to translate Japanese sentences into English. Although the content wasn’t very interesting, the students seemed to have fun with it.

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2017 April Wrap-up

If I were to describe April in a word, it would be “painful”. Not mentally or emotionally painful but literally. With the start of the new school year and orientation, there was much more time to practice guitar than normal (about double the normal time). Long story short, I used up most of that time practicing a new song and over-strained my left wrist without knowing…

Aside from the mishap, the rest of the month was rather hectic.

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February Wrap-up

In a word, February was busy. From getting ready for 3rd year ending events to events, there wasn’t a single day of rest.

Following the 3rd year final exams during the first week of February was an event to showcase what the students have learnt in their classes. This includes a lot of preparation and rehearsal to get everything just right.

On the 12th, I sat in a nation-wide speech contest among other JETs listening to English speeches given by high-school students. It was an interesting experience, and the speeches had me thinking twice about issues in our society. If only my students could have at least a fragment of those students’ skills.

The week after was Wonderfest in Maruhaki Messe. Getting there at 7am, I spent three hours waiting for the convention to open. There were a lot of people in front of me, but definitely not as many as behind. The second I got in, I looked for the GoodSmileCompany sales line. Thus, I returned to linecon. I ended up buying a Snow Miku nendoroid for myself, another one for a friend along with a Gudako nendoroid from FGO.

The weekend afterwards, I went to a Mottainai Flea Market in Akihabara, where I bought goods from random sellers.

At the end of the month, a friend got me to play Fate/Grand Order. It’s been eating away at my data, but at least I’ll have something to do on campus when I can’t make much noise and disturb the students during class time.

January wrap-up

The New Year started at 8 am when I woke up, grabbed my keys and a coat, then headed straight to the temple in my neighborhood for はつもで. It was cold that morning and the street leading up to the temple was packed. The path between the temple and a nearby train station was crowded with even more people than normal as food stall owners shouted and advertised their stalls. The temple itself had a large wall surrounding the area where people make their New Year’s prayers. It’s quite amusing to see, and despite it not looking like a scene out of an anime, it was very practical. I tossed in a 5 yen coin and made my wish before heading home. On my way back, I grabbed 5 sticks of dango.

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