September 2017 Wrap-up and Goods

Classes resumed and everything was off to a slow start. Even though nothing seemed different from the previous term, I couldn’t help but think about how different everything felt since last year when I entered my first class. I’m not sure how much I’ve improved over the year, but slowly, I’m getting better at what I’m supposed to do.

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2017 August Wrap-up and Goods

A year has passed since I landed in Japan. There were many positive as well as negative things that happened throughout the year. The negative side were things such as conflict at school, language barrier, and, the worst, mosquitoes. On the positive side were things such as learning new things, playing new games, having small-talk with the teachers and students, and, the best, experiencing a society completely different than what I was used to. Living alone in a foreign country is frustrating, but in the end, I had a lot of fun and the “downs” throughout the year felt insignificant.

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2017 June Loot

Plastic Models
HGBF Petit’GGuy SurfacerGray with Placard

PSO2 Fashion Catalog 2012-2015
Devil Survivor (vol 5-8)
Claymore (vol 6-8)

Falling Roses X Crimson Quartet (ShinganCrimsonZ)

Rabidango (Dango Rabbit plush)
Fushimi Inari Fox keychain
Fushimi Inari red gate placard
Tenryuji dragon placard
Cat Hatsune Miku plush
Granrodeo Roger plush
FGO Gudaguda Schathach keychain
Haro Tin: Takoyaki version
Rilakkuma terranium
Rilakkuma dust box (mini trashcan)

2017 April Loot

Books –
Fate/Grand Order Chaldea Official Fan Book 1
Nintendo Dream Jun 2017 w/ Fire Emblem Echoes poster & -The Travels in Valentia-

CD –
己龍 (Kiryu) 九尾 (Kyubi) Type A
己龍 (Kiryu) 屡流 (Ruru) Type A

Plastic Models –

Others –
Vanguard Booster Set 7 – Rampage of the Beast King (Box)
この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!2 (KonoSuba 2) Rubber Straps – Aqua, Megumin, Darkness
Usadango beanbag rabbit plush
Far too many gachapon goods to count…

2017 March Goods

Fate/Extella stick poster – Karna
Fate/Extella stick poster – Medusa
Stuppy Kiryu poster (Kyouka Suigetsu)
Touken Ranbu – Izuminokami Kanesada paper file
Fate/Grand Order – Schathach clear file
Fate/Grand Order – Cu Culainn Alter clear file

Stuppy 2014 September vol.2 Opening special Edition – Kiryu (己龍)
Akame ga Kill guide book
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! – Light Novel vol. 1

Plastic Models
PetitG’Guy Prettyinpink & petitpetit bearguy

KonoSuba Wiz pin
KonoSuba Chris pin
F/GO GudaGuda Order Cu Culainn lancer rubber strap
F/GO GudaGuda Order Oda Nobunaga rubber strap
Microsoft Surface 3
Madcatz S.T.R.I.K.E.5 keyboard
Fate/Grand Order – mini plastic coaster collection binder