October 2017 Wrap-up

October started off with the school festival. Same as last year, I tried all the third years’ food stalls, went around as many attractions as I could, and listened to the music club’s live concert. Unlike last year, however, I didn’t feel like I was in as much of a rush. I managed to listen to the brass band’s performance before the end of the day, but sadly, they didn’t sound very prepared. After the festival, I went to the staff after-party and had a good time talking with many of the teachers. I left for home at 10pm.

The next weekend was the neighborhood’s Halloween festival held by my school’s other ALT. I helped with setting up, went around the neighborhood shops as kids trick or treated, watched a comedian’s performance, and helped with a bit of clean up. It wasn’t as grand as I expected, but it was still fun nonetheless.

During the first few weeks of October, I had the English elective classes work in groups of 3 or 4 students to create posters on urban legends. Although they complained at first, they did a great job on the posters, finishing them within their time limits. The other English teachers wanted to share them with the other students, so they planned to have a special Halloween lesson in the English room.

A typhoon hit Tokyo on the night of the 22nd. I woke up at 2 am to the howling wind as the rain pelted against my windows. The next day, as I went to school, the overhead speakers gave out a warning that commuting can be dangerous around the area. The TV in the teacher’s room was on, showing news of the nearest river flooded. Many teachers left early or didn’t show up at all and only 16 of 550ish students showed up. I spent my time creating assignment materials (which soon turned out to be one of the hardest tasks I had to deal with) and decorating the English room for Halloween.

For the following week afterwards, the first and second year classes took turns going to the English room to have an activity on Halloween. They had to use English to find answer to (irrelevant to Halloween) questions and hand in their work by saying “Trick or Treat” and getting a piece of candy. After school, “hell” began. What I originally thought would be an easy assignment for 3rd year students who didn’t pass their midterm became a living nightmare…

… for me.

Everyday after school, I stood by the third year classrooms, correcting as many student works as I could within two hours as a long line of about 50 students (the line never seemed to shorten) backed up to the other side of the building. Having to grade roughly 70 students’ works during two hours as the students return to the line after correcting their mistakes (which they had a lot of) was anything but fun. I packed up each day at 5, leaving a large stack of unchecked works for the next day’s breaks and lunchtime every night. Hopefully, this hectic assignment will end soon.


October Loots

HGBF Bear Guy P [Pretty]
この素晴らしい世界に祝福を!Megumin Nendoroid
この素晴らしい世界に祝福を! Aqua Nendoroid
Fire Emblem Awakening Amiibo Chrom
Girlish Chaldea (Fate/Grand Order doujin artbook)


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