September 2017 Wrap-up and Goods

Classes resumed and everything was off to a slow start. Even though nothing seemed different from the previous term, I couldn’t help but think about how different everything felt since last year when I entered my first class. I’m not sure how much I’ve improved over the year, but slowly, I’m getting better at what I’m supposed to do.

On my down-time, I’ve relaxed at home, still recovering from summer break and occasionally heading out.

Early in the month, shops began selling Halloween goods. Seeing all the goods, I couldn’t help but buy a few bags of candy in advance and start planning what to wear for Halloween.

I went to Harajuku a couple of times, since students are in classes and adults are at work, leaving the streets of Takeshita-Doori more free than usual. There, I found a set of clothes that seemed perfect for Halloween, yet can be worn as regular clothes. Coughing up roughly $100, I left with the set.

On the 16th, I video called a couple of close friends from the States as I showed them around a few spots in Ueno and my favorite areas of Akihabara. I won a giant rabbit plush in Ueno. It was nice seeing my friends through the video, and I hope they enjoyed it as well (aside from possible motion sickness).

Nearing the end of the month, students at the school began preparing for the upcoming cultural festival. Both teachers and students were busier than ever, and the classrooms were cramped with cardboard and cans of paints. Although I’ve heard that our school’s festival isn’t as big as other schools’, I still look forward to what the students planned for this year’s event.


September Loots

Pote-Usa Loppy Alice giant plush
ACDC Rag rabbit eared blouse, hooded coat, and dress with crosses design
HGBF Papa’Gguy


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