2017 August Wrap-up and Goods

A year has passed since I landed in Japan. There were many positive as well as negative things that happened throughout the year. The negative side were things such as conflict at school, language barrier, and, the worst, mosquitoes. On the positive side were things such as learning new things, playing new games, having small-talk with the teachers and students, and, the best, experiencing a society completely different than what I was used to. Living alone in a foreign country is frustrating, but in the end, I had a lot of fun and the “downs” throughout the year felt insignificant.

As for the month itself:

Since it was still summer vacation for the students, I had a lot of downtime. When I wasn’t at school, I went to Akihabara with S and lounged around at home. It sounds like a waste of time, being in a foreign country and all, but sometimes, it’s also good to spend time in the neighborhood as a residence rather than a tourist.

I went to school on August 1st to the 4th, then 16th to September 1st. In the mornings, students voluntarily came to campus extra test preparation. In the afternoon, I practiced playing the guitar and played Fate/Grand Order (or, since no one was around, practiced singing) when my wrist or fingers began to hurt. There isn’t much progress with guitar, but I managed to play 叫声 by 己龍 at 75% speed. Not bad, I’d say. The teachers occasionally stopped by in the afternoon and I enjoyed chatting with them about plans for the upcoming term/lessons, cultural differences, and random topics. Near the end of the month, I decided that I wanted to learn how to write calligraphy (still having trouble on how to start).

Around the 10th (I don’t really remember the exact date), S and I went to Nagano Broadway. As I’ve never been that far out in Tokyo, it was an interesting first experience. Nagano Broadway had a lot of stores, including at least 7 different Mandarakes. There were many (very) tempting goods, but in the end, I only bought two games for 600 yen each.

Intimidated by crowds of people in the humid, mosquito-infested summer and feeling as though I don’t really have much I’d be interested in anyways, I decided to skip on the summer Comic Market (Comiket). S helped me buy a tapestry of Siegfried from Fate/Grand Order, which he found while purchasing other F/GO goods.

The weekend after Comiket – August 19th, S and I met up and went to Akihabara yet again. At Tora no Ana, I bought a fan-drawn artbook (8 pages) of F/GO and an acrylic keychain of Jeanne d’Arc/Alter. We spent time looking through appliance stores in search of cleaning supplies for S’s new place and bookstores. Around 3ish, it started pouring and we had to cut the day short.

On the 14th, I returned to Akihabara to buy the lightbulb soda I was eyeing for a couple weeks. I got the strawberry one and even though the soda wasn’t very special, it tasted great and the giant, flashing bulb-shaped bottle was quite interesting. I went to book-off and found the hard-cover brave frontier artbook I’ve been (passively) searching for since I came to Japan.

August 26th – My first stop was at Ikebukuro, where I bought acrylic keychain protecting sleeves from Animate and another album by Kiryu at book-off. Then, I ventured on to Shinjuku, where I bought another two CDs from book-off at 10% off and looked around some clothing shops. Then was a train ride cutting through the center of Tokyo to Akihabara, where I bought another light-bulb soda and a ramen-shaped cake. As it got late, I headed back to Ueno for a quick trip through OIOI and Yamashiroya before heading home.

September 1st was the opening ceremony to the second term, marking the end of the summer. Soon, work will begin again, marking the start of my second year as a JET ALT.


I thought to myself: Since I make two posts within the same time period about the same month anyways, why not combine them into one post?

So, here’s the goods from this month:

CDs & DVDs:
己龍 月下美人 (Gekka Bijin; Kiryu Type A)
己龍 叫声 (Kyosei; Kiryu Type A)
己龍 私ハ傀儡、猿ノ人形 (Watashi wa Kairai, Sarugutsuwa no Ningryo; Kiryu Type A)

Fate/Grand Order 蒼炎 (Souen) 同人誌 (Doujinshi) Artbook
Fate/Grand Order 漫画でわかる (Learning with Manga)
Brave Frontier Artbook

DS 真・女神転生デビルサバイバー2 Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2
3DS ブレイブリーデフォルト Bravely Default

Fate/GO Jeanne d’Arc/Jeanne d’Arc Alter 2-sided acrylic keychain
Fate/GO Medb acrylic keychain (Gachapon)


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