Second Trip to Akihabara


Following the arrival of Flawless was another planned trip to Akihabara. We met up in front of the Gundam Cafe around noon, thinking we would go in to grab something to eat, but the cafe was full when we got there. Not wanting to wait in line, we hurried to Yodobashi Camera, where Flawless picked up the new Gundam Barbatos kit. I’ve seen pictures of the building before, but seeing the building in person was a huge surprise. Unlike the ones I’ve seen in Shinjuku and Ueno, this Yodobashi was ginormous, and even more so inside the building.

Yodobashi Camera seems like a place where we can spend hours upon hours in, but because there are other stores we wanted to visit, we left shortly after paying for our goods (and looking through the huge selection of gunpla). Browsing the rest of the store will be for another day.

We ate lunch in a Yoshinoya nearby. Although it’s not my first time eating at that chain in Japan, the quality and quantity of the food for the small price we pay still amazes me.

After lunch, we went to a few other stores to look around in, including Kotobukiya, AmiAmi, Animate, and Sofmap. Then, we stopped by a SEGA arcade. Flawless’s plan was probably to play the gundam arcade pod game, but before reaching the area they’re in, we passed by rows and rows of crane games. They caught our eyes and we decided to give them a try. Flawless went for a towel with characters characters from ご注文はウサギですか while I attempted to win a figurine of Sinon from Sword Art Online. We spent quite a few tries on them, with the staff members walking by and helping us straighten the prize out (and giving pointers). Eventually, we both won the prizes, spending less than they cost on

The game pod itself was another new experience. Flawless paid for two rounds, playing the first round and letting me try the second one. I had no idea what I was doing, and the controls were pretty hard, but it was very fun nonetheless. It felt as though I was the pilot of a mobile suit (although, honestly, I’m sure no sane person or character would let me pilot such a thing with my horrible skills), fighting against the enemy (while pretending that my friendly fires didn’t happen).

After exploring for a bit more, it was starting to get dark. Satisfied with our day’s exploration, we headed back to my area to grab dinner and open our purchases.


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