October Wrap-Up

2016, November 02

With the last of my start-up fees paid off and my paycheck coming in, it’s finally the time to start going out more.

Being Flawless’s first weekend back in Japan, as well as the release of HG Barbatos Lupus, we made plans to go to Akihabara. We stayed there pretty late, and even though it felt like we were rushed for time, we ended up staying there past sunset.

October 8th was my school’s cultural fair. Starting at 9:30am, the festival continued until 2pm. Although it is said that the festival is small in comparison to other schools’, I had a great time listening to the band performances, eating the food that the students sold, and walking through the class and club exhibitions.

The day after the school festival, I visited Chiba and spent the day looking around Chiba Station with Flawless. We went to Yellow Submarine, Yodobashi Camera, Animate, Toranoana, and a card shop. At the cardshop, I managed to find around half the cards I needed to build a new Dark Irregulars deck. After returning back to my apartment, I finished building my RG Sinanju.

The Saturday afterwards, another JET from west Japan visited Tokyo and stayed over at my place. I took her around my neighborhood then we headed into Akihabara for the Gundam Cafe, stopping by Ueno’s Yamashiroya along the way. After waiting in a long line and eating in the cafe, we went to Yodobashi Camera, Animate, and Book-Off.

On Friday the 28th after work, I met up with Flawless to see the Gundam Iron-Blood Orphans exhibition in Ikebukuro Parco. It never ceases to amaze me to see all the models displayed together.

We’ve planned on going to Odaiba much sooner, but that didn’t happen until Sunday the 30th. Meeting up at my place after lunch, we worked a bit on an HG Schwalbe Graze that I bought earlier in the month. Then, we rode the Yurikamome line to Odaiba. This time, we went through the paid section and ended up watching the short videos inside the dome twice. Before heading home in different directions, we managed to see the full-scale gundam light up at night. It looked a lot better in person than in pictures that I found online.

October ended in the blink of an eye. It had been fun, preparing for Halloween and hanging out with friends. Finding time to just sit back and relax wasn’t very easy. It’s nice to know that even though I bought a lot more than I planned to this month, I still have enough funds to live normally until my next paycheck.


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