Exploring the Area Around Chiba Station


Venturing out of Tokyo, I met up with Flawless in Chiba Station around noon. We ate pasta in a First Kitchen near the station. The portions are a bit small for my liking, but the food was good. After lunch, it was time to visit a few shops Flawless noted down prior to our meeting.

Our first stop was Yodobashi Camera. Unlike the one in Akihabara, this Yodobashi is small, taking up only three floors of the building it is in. At first, we only saw electronics being sold there, so instead of looking through Yodobashi Camera itself, we went to a different floor and entered Yellow Submarine. There was quite a selection of gunpla, including a few models that I plan on getting eventually. Flawless bought a pack of small magnets while I bought modeling supplies, a Kotobukiya MSG weapon model kit, and a poster from Re:Zero.

As we made our way down the stairs of the building, Flawless noticed that there IS a hobbies section in Yodobashi Camera (oops), so we headed there. The selection was obviously not as big as the one in Akihabara, but it was a pretty good selection. There, I bought four packs of Vanguard (two from G set 7 and two from G set 8).

Afterwards is Animate, which is in the basement floor of a building. Interesting. Sadly, I can’t recognize many series in the store. We took a quick look around and left. On our way back up the stairs, I stopped by a gachapon and got a pin of Echidna from Puzzles and Dragons.

The location afterwards was supposed to be Toranoana, but there was a cardshop in the same building, so we headed there first. Because I was planning on building a new Vanguard deck, I opened the packs I bought in Yodobashi first, just in case so I don’t buy extras of what I would have in the packs. From the packs, I pulled my new starting vanguard and a few cool/cute cards. Then, I bought a few common singles (roughly 10 yen each) and some rares that I don’t need, but wanted (the most expensive one being 50 yen).

Then, it was time to head into Toranoana. Thinking that it was just a doujinshi manga shop, I didn’t have much interest at first as I browsed the selections there. As I walked around, I noticed that they have the first few volumes (official) of アカメが斬る. It was very tempting, but at that moment, I don’t want to pay roughly 500 yen per volume. There were a few other tempting goods, such as keychains, card sleeves, and phone cases. Thinking that I’m about done looking around, I decided to look for Flawless while entering the adult section without knowing. That section was pretty big with quite a lot of merchandise. I took a quick look around, and as I left, I finally noticed the warning 18+ notice on the floor.

Not wanting to lighten our wallets more than we should, we left Toranoana without buying anything. We headed back to the station to grab food. The restaurant we ate at is 天丼てんや. I got a tempura donburi while Flawless ordered a tempura-soba set.


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