First trip to Akihabara

2016, August 29

Meeting at Ueno station again, C and I made our way into Akihabara, but first, lunch. We grabbed soba inside the station. It isn’t the cheapest, but it was very good.

After lunch, our adventures begun. Taking two stops from Ueno on the Yamanote line, we exited into Akihabara. Our first stop is Sofmap. The first floor we browsed around in was filled with console games. Resisting the temptation, we made our way up to the figures and gunpla floors. There, I bought a white petite bearguy, a hobby knife, and clippers. For around 300 yen each, I might come back and buy one after every paycheck and create my own little army…

Chatting and not paying attention, we went through the floors, somehow ending up in the lower of the two adult floors without noticing. Oops. It was probably time to leave.

Our next stop was… yet another Sofmap, but this one contains more manga and anime than games and figures. There, C bought two volumes of ダンジョン飯 (Delicious in Dungeon). Onwards we go.

This looked pretty cool, quite gory though

Next on our list is Animate, but before that, we stopped by Toranoana, where we browsed around and looked at dojinshi. Nothing caught our eyes. At Animate, I managed to buy two small posters – the only posters I managed to buy during that trip.

Tired from walking about, we rested at Mister Donuts to decide where to head next. I bought a small container of doughnut holes and a milk tea.

My favorite ones are probably the powdered ones with custard inside or the chewy pink one that tasted vaguely like mochi

Well rested, we walked (in the wrong direction) to AmiAmi. Along the way, C noticed a small table-top rpg shop. C bought a few dices and looked around for games. Then we entered the building for AmiAmi, but first, a trip to Yellow Submarine, where we looked at the selection of character figures and even more dice.

At AmiAmi, the first thing to greet us was a giant stack of gunpla. After seeing so many tempting goods, and seeing it in person at the Gunpla expo , I couldn’t resist grabbing the RG Sinanju.

There wasn’t much at the other floor, but I managed to find カラコレ mini figures of Show By Rock!! so I grabbed one for 320 yen, roughly half the price I paid for back at Kinokuniya in California.

Our last stop is yet another Animate, one that mainly sells posters, wall scrolls, and goods. We took a look around, but sadly, none of the posters are to my liking. The few posters with series I recognize did not fit my taste, and the amount of AKB48 posters was quite shocking. Again, we browsed around with nothing to buy. With my wallet significantly lighter, it was time to head home.

Stopping by a nearby supermarket, the two of us spent our 100 yen coins on a Puella Magia Madoka gachapon. C got lucky and pulled a grief seed on his first try, then Homura’s dark orb on his second. Through pity, he gave me the dark orb in exchange for Homura’s soul gem (which somehow I managed to pull twice in a row).

Planning on buying a few posters for my empty walls, I ended up spending the most on gunpla, namely, Sinanju. Upon reaching my apartment, I threw aside everything (not literally) and proceeded immediately to opening the RG’s box. I expected it to look cool, but the sheen of the plastic and the shine on the metallic parts exceeded my expectations. Now, I cannot wait for a good time to start building it.


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