Summer 2016 Gunpla Expo

August 14, 2016

After moving in to my new apartment, I spent today in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City for the Summer 2016 Gunpla Expo. (Thanks to Flawless for telling me about the expo)

The first thing I did at the expo was very expected of me: I got lost. After asking for directions and finally finding the exact location of the expo, I spent a few minutes figuring out which line was which. I went through the first part of the exhibition, wondering if me going there was a mistake. The displays looked nice, but it didn’t feel like I belonged there. I looked around for the exit. None. Sighing, I followed a large group of people on to the next part of the exhibition.

The next part of the exhibition contains a large screen showing a short film for Build Fighters Try. In the middle of the film, the walls in the room lit up and we were completely immersed. First, we followed Field Burning Gundam launch into the field, then we were in the middle of space, watching the Gundam fly freely through the air. It was amazing. At that moment, I was glad I went.

Eagerly following the group the the next and final section of the exhibition, not a single trace of my previous uncertainty remained. I tried to snap as many pictures with my camera as possible while attempting to not walk into anyone.

Near the end of the exhibit were displays of Gunpla champion’s works. It was an honor to see the real masterpieces in front of me.

More pictures


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