Trip to Tokyo University

August 09, 2016

Since Tokyo University is close to where I’m staying, my host decided to bring me there today and take a look around. It is currently Summer vacation for the students, but the campus remains busy, serving as a tourist spot for the public. Arriving at the front gate, we were soon greeted by volunteers(?) handing out pamphlets explaining the various sites on campus and showcases of students’ research. prett

東大正門 Tokyo University’s Front Gate

This passageway looks really nice

Statue of Josiah Conder found on campus

Yasunda Auditorium

Tokyo University graduation clothing on display

After walking around for a little bit, we decided to eat in the school’s dining areas for lunch. The food is cheap and surprisingly good, unlike the food offered in my university’s dining areas.

I ordered a small Katsu Curry and a side of tofu and fried fish

After lunch, our last stop on campus is the red gate. The red gate was built during the Edo period and moved to its current site at the end of the Meiji era, where it serves as an entrance to the prestige college.

赤門 The Red Gate

Our next destination is a Kimono shop nearby. The kimono are very pretty, but similar other places where you can buy one, they are very expensive. Although I won’t buy a kimono anytime soon, I might return to the shop someday if time and funds permit and buy a yukata.

Kimono upwards of 2 million yen… but they’re so pretty…

After we finished window shopping (any purchases at the time would be impossible for my wallet anyways), it was time to head home. We took a route through Ueno, passing through the rows of art and historic museums. On the way home, once again, I’ve forgotten that the roads run opposite to those in America, so when I saw a big truck adjacently in front of us turning to our right, I freaked out. There’s still a lot I need to get used to.


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